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KME shall undertake to pursue a sustainable strategy in the organisation of its business processes.  

  • Clear customer orientation in product and process design
  • Strict adherence to a group-wide code of conduct)
  • The culture of a zero-accident company, with the provision of a safe and healthy working environment for our employees, visitors and contractors
  • Continuous assessment of the risks in connection with the operational procedures and future activities  
  • Proactive adherence to legal specifications, customer requirements and other standards
  • The implementation and support of the best available techniques and procedures for the continuous improvement of our processes
  • Development of prevention strategies for the avoidance of environmental pollution and accidents in order to ensure the long-term viability of KME
  • Efficient use of materials and energy in the manufacture and provision of our products and services
  • Manufacture of products that meet the requirements “safe”, “energy-efficient” and “recyclable”
  • Open dialogue with our neighbours, authorities and other interested groups
  • Promotion of a culture in which all employees share this commitment

Our corporate guidelines are defined by global standards that are binding for all operative companies within the KME Group.