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REACH is a regulation of the European Union that came into force in 2007. It serves to protect people and the environment from potential hazards caused by chemicals.

At the same time, the competitive capability of the chemical industry in the EU is to be increased. This is achieved by the manufacturers and importers of chemicals, who process your data and also assess the potential risk. This information is communicated to the ECHA authority. Here, the safe application options of the material are stated and the measures required for the user for risk management are communicated.  

Further information:

⇒    ECHA
⇒    BAUA

KME supplies copper and copper alloy products in the form of hot and cold rolled strips and sheets, pressed and drawn pipes, sections and bars, punched parts and special products such as casting moulds, for example. These are products in the sense of REACH.

All materials or preparations contained in the products were registered or pre-registered by KME or an upstream actor in the supply chain.

  • KME is a downstream user of the substances contained in the copper and copper alloy products. These substances are subject to the registration procedure as phase-in substances. Their use in the production of copper and copper alloy products is taken into consideration for registration.

Semi-finished copper and copper alloy goods are products in the sense of the REACH regulation. These are not subject to a legal obligation to prepare a safety data sheet.
KME would, however, like to provide its customers with the information contained in the safety data sheet. Therefore we make the information sheets for articles available. An information sheet is a voluntarily prepared document, which does not profess to state the formal requirements of the REACH regulation.

The fulfilment of the requirements of the REACH regulation is centrally coordinated for KME by the following contact partners