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The use of angle standing seams and batten cap cladding is an ideal solution for custom designed free forms as well as for traditional roof and façade constructions. TECU® products for these types of cladding are available in sheets and strips.


Besides their special aesthetic qualities, TECU® System Shingles offer decisive economic advantages in façade design. Cladding elements are laid simply by hanging them and interlocking them with each other.


TECU® Panels are two-sided cladding elements, with or without an end base, depending on the construction. Individual lengths are as long as 4,000 mm with a standard width of up to approx. 500mm. Assembly at the building site is performed according to the tongue and groove principle or by overlapping.


TECU® Cassettes are cladding elements with folded edges on all sides available in a range of geometrical proportions from 1:1 to 1:4. They are exclusively pre-profiled to the customer  specifications and/or according to suggestions made by the architect.