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TECU® Premium - There’s tin in!

TECU® Premium is an innovative alloy of copper with a small proportion of high-grade tin:

  • for easy processing
  • for an extraordinary appearance from the very beginning
  • for intensive and rapid oxidation

We round off the range of TECU® products with a light bronze, by alloying our copper with a small proportion of tin.

TECU® Premium has an extraordinary appearance: the material has a finely beaded pre-structure and a matt finish. Subtle reflections ensure an elegant appearance when light strikes it. Its particular surface structure enables a special oxidation pattern: it oxidises faster and more intensively and evenly, with a matter finish than the well known plain rolled TECU® products.

TECU® Premium can be excellently processed with modern cladding techniques as well as with traditional metalworking craftsmanship. It is slightly harder than ‘normal’ copper and can be better soldered thanks to its tin content. TECU® Premium is available in sheets or coils in various thicknesses.

TECU® Premium belongs to the ‘TECU® Ecological Copper Alloys’ and is predestined for certified green buildings. All components of the alloy originate 100% from recycled material. TECU® Premium is under registration for the legal protection of registered designs.



Residential Building, Breda (NL)

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