Mineral Insulated Heating Cable

Mineral insulated heating cables, as well as complementary self regulating heating cables, provide the best performance in the area of electrical heat tracing for building and industrial applications.

The mineral insulated heating cables are composed of:

  • Single copper (for low specific resistance) or kumanal (up to 2,7 Ω/m) conductors;
  •  Magnesium oxide insulation highly compressed
  • Copper (resistant up to 250°C) or Cupro-Nickel (up to 400°C) outer sheath
  • Additional HDPE outer covering if used under concrete


Mineral insulated heating cables are used in the following applications:

  1. With HDPE outer covering

    • Snow melting and frost prevention on outdoor surfaces such as roads, ramps and steps.
    • Frost protection of cold store floors
    • Domestic heating
    • Roof, gutter and downpipe de-icing systems 

  2. CuproNickel

    Electrical heat tracing for industrial piping and tanks in the presence of corrosive agents, marine environment or potentially explosive atmospheres.


  • High power output due to perfect thermal conductivity of the metallic sheath.
  • Reduced sizes due to the high dielectric strength of the magnesium oxide while maintaining good thermal conductivity.
  • Easy installation due its reduced sizes, as described previously, and annealed state of outer sheath; bending radius is allowed to be reduced to few cm. Since the cables are round, there is no need for preferential orientations or directions when laying.
  • Great amount of freedom during the design phase, due to the wide range of available resistances that offer an unlimited combination of sheath temperatures and power.

Brochure, Manual and leaflet of instructions are available in our Download Center.