Applications of Heating Cables

KME Heating Cables are the best economic answer and technical solution for power tracing.

Mineral Insulated Cables, in order to be installed, must be specially terminated with cold joints and cold leads in the ends. The heating element can then be connected to power supply without any danger from high temperatures. Obviously such termination procedure affects the element price if the heating cable is longer than few tens of metres. However the low price per metre of Mineral Insulated Heating Cables compared to traditional solutions, makes KME Heating Cables the best economic answer and technical solution.


  • Snow melting and Ice prevention
    - Roads and Ramps
    - Steps
  • Floorwarming
  • Roof and Gutter De-Icing system
  • Rail and Switchpoint Heating
  • Instant Hot Water System
  • Anti-Freeze protection of water pipes
  • Frost protection of cold store floors



  • PetroGas Industry
    - In Plant Heat Tracing
    - Long Installation Lines
  • Chemical and Oil industry
    - Oil Tank heating
    - Pipeline heating
  • Power generation stations
  • Nuclear Industry
  • Fire systems frost protection