MICO® Mineral Insulated Power Cables

The MICO® Mineral Insulated Cable is an excellent choice for electrical circuits in the area of fire and safety.

The MICO® Mineral insulated power cable is composed of:

  • 99.9% ETP (Electrolytic Tough Pitch) copper conductors, with a melting point of 1083°C;
  • Magnesium oxide insulation, with a melting point of 2400°C;
  • DHP (Deoxidised High Phosphorus) copper outer sheath, with a melting point of 1083°C;
  • Additional LSF (Low Smoke Fumes) outer covering.


MICO® is used in the following applications:

  1. Fire detection systems, where regulations require fireproof conductors.
  2. Emergency circuits, with the purpose of continuing the power supply, even during a fire, to emergency lights, automatic shutdown systems, alarms and so on.
  3. Distribution of signals and power to potentially explosive atmospheres, in accordance with the ATEX directive.
  4. Distribution of signals and power to historic buildings, for both indoor and outdoor systems.


  • Fireproof: MICO® cable can withstand very high temperatures (higher than 1000°C), since all its components are inorganic. It can continue working during a fire, maintaining all emergency services.
  • Waterproof: The MICO® copper sheath and the special waterproof IP67 glands prevent the penetration of moisture and dust towards the cores. Mineral insulated cables are highly suited for outdoor applications.
  • Mechanical strength: The copper sheath acts as a metallic screen, and therefore MICO® cables can withstand extremely high mechanical stress such as crushing, 180° bending and flattening.
  • High operating temperatures: MICO® bare cables can operate indefinitely up to 250°C; for higher temperatures, the lifetime of the cable is lessened as it approaches the melting point of copper (1083°C).

Brochure, Manual and leaflet of instructions are available in our Download Center.