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Raw Material Procurement

The KME Metal Business Department is in constant contact with all metal markets.

KME's experience is at your service to help you understand the current situation of the metals market and publishes a monthly report on the quotation patterns for the different metals and currencies from the previous month (find them among our news).
The Metal Business Department is a competent partner for all businesses related to NF metals and NF scrap and purchases metals for all the Group’s companies. It purchases a large amount of new and scrap metal for the four foundries of KME located in the heart of Europe.

+++ NEWS +++

KME AG and Viant Commodities have signed a JV agreement. 

The newly set up company, Tekvalia AG, is based in Zug, Switzerland and focuses on distribution of copper products and providing support and supply chain solutions for the copper industry. 

Tekvalia is the result of a shared idea of Viant and KME to create a company combining extensive knowledge of the non ferrous market (refined, semis, and scrap) of KME and Viant’s long standing experience, expertise, and skills in the business of metal trading. 

Viant is a non ferrous metal’s company set up in early 2016 by its management with offices in Singapore, Hong Kong and Shangai.

One of the competitive advantages of KME is the strategic location of our foundries in the heart of Europe.

Requested materials by KME:

  •     Primary metals: copper, zinc, nickel, lead, tin
  •     Copper master alloys
  •     Scrap copper, zinc, brass and other alloys

A qualified international team, that is always up to date on the metal markets, is available to meet all the requests of our partners and metal suppliers.


Metal Business Director

T. +39 055 4411291 - Firenze (I)

Scrap Management Resp.

T. +39 055 4411354 - Firenze (I)

New Metal Purchasing Resp.

T. +39 055 4411351 - Firenze (I)

Risk Management Resp.

T. +39 055 4411238 - Firenze (I)

New Zinc

T. +39 055 4411528 - Firenze (I)


T. +39 055 4411273 - Firenze (I)


T. +39 055 4411656 - Firenze (I)

Scrap - Residues

T. +49 (0)541 3214914 - Osnabrück (D)

Scrap - Other metals - Master Alloys

T. +49 (0)541 3214917 - Osnabrück (D)


T.+49 (0)541 3214920 - Osnabrück (D)