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CNC Long Bed Lathe

New standards for the mechanical processing of copper and other non-ferrous metals

On the CNC Long bed lathe, workpieces with a maximum diameter of 1200 mm and a maximum weight of up to 6000 kg can be turned, drilled and milled between centres. The use of supporting steady rests on the machine bed allows significantly higher workpiece weights to be processed. The uninterrupted passage of the cross slide past the steady rests is given thanks to the design of the steady rests in C shape. A milling unit, which is dockable to the cross slide, is equipped with a Y axis controlled by the CNC and a manually swivelling B axis. This way, the use of power-driven tools with internal coolant supply, and angular positions can also be reached. This enables more increases in productivity and economic efficiency to be developed. 

The performance of the installed drives and the extremely robust machine concept ensure comparably high chip volumes during machining, while at the same time allowing adherence to the precise production tolerances on workpieces with extremely high accuracy requirements.

The machine control unit is a Siemens-CNC of the latest generation with additional options such as Siemens Shop Turn. It enables the qualified machine operator to perform efficient programming, uncomplicated and exact monitoring of all machine and process parameters, resulting in a controlled process sequence down to the last detail. The removal of the chips takes place automatically via chip conveyor. 

The total of the described advantages enables a high level of process efficiency, and hence, profitable production times. Due to the multiple processing options, the precise planning capability of production and the high quantities with the same consistent quality, the CNC Long bed lathe sets new standards for applications in the electrical industry, power supply sector and in the field of special design.



CNC Long bed lathe / Goratu Geminis GT5 G4
Swing over bed ø 1.200 mm
Distance between centres 20.000 mm
Main spindle motor 51 KW
Rapid traverse ratio 
Z-axis10.000 mm/minute
X-axis 80.000 mm/minute
Milling device with y-axis 
Workpiece weight between centres 6 tons
Workpiece supported by steady rest 10 tons
Steady rest  ø 50 – ø 700 mm  


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