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Time out under green

Originally a hut with shelter for the animals in the base area and the hayloft on the upper floor, the Launsberghütte, situated at 850m altitude in the Mölltal valley, now is a small mountain restaurant. The careful modernisation of the exterior and interior by the architects Dr. Norbert Weickenmeier and Anne Prestel relied on a simple, regional and resource-saving architecture with respect for the historical context and the courage to create a contemporary modern extension. The interior design concept consisted in exposing the "original hut" with minimalist interventions, while consistently modernising the kitchen area. As much as the hut is introverted into wood, the extension with its roof made of pre-patinated copper and glass opens up into nature.         
KME's TECU® Patina is copper pre-patinated on one side in green. As is typical for natural surfaces, TECU® Patina proves itself time and again to be very varied. The many different nuances and shades of the surface only gradually become similar. At the same time, the individual development of TECU® Patina is extremely exciting - just as modern architecture should be, especially when used in historic buildings.

P.S. Especially now in the "Golden Autumn", you should plan a detour to the Launsberg Hut when the weather is good for hiking. The hut is very easy to reach from Obervellach in the Austrian province of Carinthia.


TECU® Patina

Launsberghütte, Obervellach (AT)

Dr. Norbert Weickenmeier / Anne Prestel M.A., München (DE)

SRS Spenglerei Robert Schrall, Obervellach (AT)

© Stefan Müller-Naumann