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Conclusive evaluation on cyber attack

Following up to previous communications published on our corporate website with reference to the cyber attack that affected a part of our IT systems in August this year despite our state-of-the-art cyber security system, we confirm that we have successfully completed the restoration of all corporate data and services and we have carried out a further upgrading of the cyber security level of our corporate network through the implementation of additional software and procedures.

Moreover, we have completed, with the support of specialized consultants, an in-depth internal investigation in order to determine whether the cyber attack had resulted in some data breaches relating to the loss of confidentiality of personal data. In this regard, we inform you for precautionary purposes that the survey has indicated a breach of some personal data, such as individual / contact data and bank references of subjects having relations with KME. Therefore, we wish to invite you to have a higher level of attention in order to prevent any risks that could derive from the unauthorized circulation of some personal data (e.g. by monitoring your accounts, e-mails, text messages and phone calls). In this context, please report to us any unusual or suspicious activities relating to your digital identity or possible computer frauds by writing to the following email address:

Management Board for all operative KME Companies

(This communication is made pursuant to art. 34 Paragraph 1 of the Data Protection Regulation n. 679/2016).